I am currently a Firmware engineer in Utah designing and prototyping consumer and commercial products for Sure-Fi (http://www.sure-fi.com). I've been programming since I was 12 years old and love experimenting with innovative ideas in gaming, networking, and technology. I love learning new things whether it be collision algorithms, spoken languages, or meeting new people.



When I was 12 I happened upon a game called "Morrowind" by Bethesda. The game quickly stole a lot of my free time and got me hooked, not because of the game itself, but rather the Construction Set that came with it. I marveled at the possibilities of creation and above all the fact that everything seemed to work because of the "script" that was attached to it.

Over the next year I slowly progressed from that point through various programs including Game Maker, Construct, and few others before finally finding and settling on the C# XNA platform. I researched and tinkered with various projects over the next few years only working with what I could find online through forums, tutorials, videos, and other sources of information. I quickly learned and honed the skill of finding the information I need through Google. 

When I reached high school I quickly signed up for the programming course there which was based in C++. I learned C/C++ over the next few years. I quickly learned the benefits of working without a garbage collector and the freedom having control over your memory provides you. With an interest in creating games C seemed to be the best option and thus I have been programming all my projects in C/C++ ever since. 

In 2015 I started working as back-end and cloud developer and then moved into working on the firmware for PIC32 cloud connected products. I enjoy doing firmware since the design restraints are strict and you tend to find a lot cleaner coding practices when every byte of memory counts.

Along with my day job now I still love programming and designing video games on the side. I have created hundreds of projects over the years on my own time out of a desire to learn and to create. Each project I have worked on has taught me something valuable and unique.

Overall, I love learning and I love games as a platform for creation and expression. I love the unique challenges presented by game design and the technical feats that are required to make it all possible. 

Favorite Quote

An SQL injection is when you ask the waiter for a large pepperoni GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY with a side of fries.
— Anonymous

Languages I've Worked With

(In order of proficiency)
  1. C/C++

  2. C#

  3. PHP

  4. SQL

  5. Java

  6. HTML

  7. CSS