Part 5: Sound Effects

In this part we are going to be looking at how to load and play a sound effect using OpenAL. If you do not have OpenAL installed on your computer (which is common since OpenAL does not ship with windows) then you will need to install it before you can use it in OpenTK.

You can do so by going HERE and downloading "oalinst.zip". This contains an installation .exe for OpenAL. I also recommend saving this installer or link for later if you plan on distributing your game on windows. Either have the user use the OpenAL installer themselves or you can create an installer for you game that installs OpenAL for them, but either way it is recommended to make sure they have OpenAL so your game will not crash on startup.

We will also be checking to make sure that OpenAL is installed before creating any of it's objects so that our program will run even if OpenAL is not installed (it simply won't have sound).

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