2016 Gallery 5: Bitmap Font Creator

I toyed with the idea of making a editor that would handle creating the meta-data I needed to load in and draw a bitmap font. It wasn't very useful once I found some libraries to actually render TrueType Font files into a bitmap but it was a fun project to work on.

First attempt at finding the different image parts. I believe the problem was a simple for loop comparing the y with width instead of height

Found all the characters. We are drawing them with random colors to show that they are separated

Some stuff is coming together. The blue lines indicated the alignment to the bottom of the line. The width of the characters was not adjustable yet.

Added the ability to specify the width of each character so they fit together better when drawn in a word/sentence. Also added some alignment guides

Loading a smaller font

Had some fun with shaders again and made a cool moving background for the selected and hovering characters. Added a message in the bottom right for outputting information. Also, not in the image, I tried making a Lua console that you could call C functions from. It used the fonts created from the program.

2016 Gallery 3: The Last of OpenTK

After struggling with the speed of OpenTK I worked on only a couple other projects before finally moving on. These were the last things I ever made in OpenTK

I wanted to try my hand at method for "Triangle Soup" vs. sphere collision detection. I got to the point where I had divided the levels triangles into a quad tree and tested moving the sphere around and seeing which triangles it would have to do intersection tests with

I also worked on a 2D snake game for a demonstration. It was a simple snake game with a couple more features not shown here. It had a grid that moved like Geometry wars and bombs that would spawn that you would have to dodge. It was a fun game to show people and mess with the settings (speed, spawn-rate, etc.)