Sublime Text 3 Tutorials

This is a collection of tutorials that will help get you started with

customizing Sublime Text 3. We cover various things from plugins to custom syntax definitions.


Creating A Sublime Text Build Tool

In this tutorial we go through the process of setting up a custom Sublime Text build tool that calls our build.bat file in our project directory, captures error output, and uses a custom syntax to color the output from the MSVC compiler. 


Creating a Sublime Text Syntax

In this tutorial we take you through the process of creating a syntax in YAML for Sublime Text. We'll be making a simple syntax for TODO list files.


Creating a Sublime Text Theme

In this tutorial we build upon the Monokai theme that Sublime Text uses by default to support the new types we defined in our custom TODO list syntax allowing us to add some more colors to our text.


Creating a Sublime Text Plugin

In this tutorial we'll be taking a dive into Python to create our very own plugin. We'll be making a command that will take you to an included file in C/C++. We'll also be adding a hover event listener to serve a window that provides a link to the included file.