2016 Gallery 2: OpenTK and FBX Models

My initial attempt to get some vertices on the screen was not very successful. I believe it was accidentally sampling color values as position information.

The next attempt was a little better but still not very great

Getting closer. The positions of the vertices were all correct but the indices and colors were not.

Finally we got the right positions, colors, and even somewhat correct texture coordinates. However the y value seemed to be flipped, hence the upside-down face.

Finally got the model loaded correctly. This was a stress test to see how many I could draw on screen at once.

2016 Gallery 1: OpenTK Voxels

The first voxels and model loading I got working in OpenTK/C#

With voxels working I started working on getting some voxel characters animated.

I got a simple running animation working with some nice tweening for rotating the arms and legs.

I got a 3D grid based ray-casting working and simply filled the blocks I passed through to represent the steps taken during the ray-cast.

Just messing around with the orthogonal view and block placement using the ray-casting.

Tried doing some custom shaders to do bump mapping and lighting.