Some More Debug Readouts

I added some more debug readouts in the top left that I can easily enable and disable. Also changed the clear color to white for the time being so we can see which faces are actually being drawn. I've also gone and sped up the rendering a little bit more. We used to drop to about 24FPS is large open areas. Now we can always stay above 30 since our early out in the loop is when the block we are checking is solid. We get a consistent 60 inside cave-like areas which is good.

2016 Gallery 8: DirectX Voxels

Started working with voxels again. These are drawn using the dynamic buffer

Testing all the different Voxel Types' texture mapping. The textures used here come from Sphax PureBDCraft for minecraft (

Added static buffer generation and the ability to add multiple chunks.

Added ray-casting method to find the block you are looking at

Built a crappy house for testing purposes.

Switched to original minecraft textures since they are lower resolution. Added a lot more chunks with a spherical view distance. Haven't done any Frustrum Culling yet so the view distance is pretty tiny

Started working with an alternate method for rendering that uses a area fill method to find everything up to a certain distance.

Added some ray-casting to the rendering to make some rudimentary shadows

The shadows don't look very nice yet on uneven terrain