Const Port v1.2

Const Port version 1.2 is now finished. I added a 1.1 version to the bitbucket repository but there was only a few random features added so I didn't go through a full release announcement process. 

Version 1.2 is mainly focused around adding the ability to configure the UART settings (Baud Rate, Parity, etc.) through the COM menu. There's also a lot of other smaller features and fixes added on the side. See the changelog below for a full list of features.

The updated COM menu

The updated COM menu



  • Reformatted the COM menu to include options for Baud Rate, Num Bits, Parity mode, and Stop Bits
  • Changes to the COM menu are not applied until you press the Connect button
  • Ctrl+[1-9]  now open COM port 1-9 rather than just an index in the list of available COM ports
  • COM settings are now grouped in a single structure that can be passed around
  • Re-enabled the colorful selection for fun (4th of July?)
  • Changed the way COM ports are enumerated internally
  • Set the supported OpenGL version to 3.0. Modified the shaders to work accordingly


  • Added simple line marks. You can click on the line number gutter to add marks. Shift+click makes the marks slightly thicker.
  • Ctrl+M marks the last line received (Ctrl+Shift+M for thicker mark)
  • A readout in the status menu indicates time since last line was received
  • When text is selected the readout indicates how many characters are selected
  • Removed max size limit on the window
  • Disabled the TOPMOST option when compiled for release mode
  • Connected COM port is displayed in the window title and in the status bar